Time to Let Go for a While

Sorry readers, I have to apologize greatly because I have not been consistent. But, I want to take the time to address that I will no longer operate the Sweetheart Foundation anymore until further notice. Being in school, working, and studying while fitting a business in another area is really stressful. I wish I could … Continue reading

I Appreciate You All

This blog post is for the girls of the Sweetheart Foundation. Let me just take the time to thank you all and let you know how much I appreciate you girls and your dedication…some of you. Earlier, one of my girls came to me and asked about a certain situation dealing with familial problems and … Continue reading

The Show Must Go On…Let’s Roll

In the past month or two, I have been out of my lovely, pink Dell laptop where I do most of the work for the Sweetheart Foundation and my other business. During that time, I haven’t been able to plan much because most of my files for the girls are on here. But, now that … Continue reading

Give Me Ten!!

So, right now for the foundation, I am trying to recruit up to ten girls that will be committed and are willing to do things and be an actual part of the Sweetheart Foundation. But, first, we may have to get rid of the bad apples that is in the bunch; those girls that have not … Continue reading